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    When the monster machines ruled the creeks Yukon News

    Sep 2, 2011 They were gold dredges, and for a half a century, they dominated the is done by a continuous chain of steel buckets that dig deep into the ground, dense gold and allow the lighter sand and other material to wash out the

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    Prospecting with a Metal Detector - The New 49ers

    They seldom recovered all the high-grade gold out of an area, because they did not . is to carefully dig up that portion of ground, using a shovel or digging tool,

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    What's the Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold? Discover

    Discover which metal detector on the market is great for finding gold, as we made to ignore the minerals in the ground that other machines might be distracted by. and is one many people check out first when looking for a new metal detector. you will have to carefully watch how big your object is before you start to dig.

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    Dig out - definition of dig out by The Free Dictionary

    Define dig out. dig out synonyms, dig out pronunciation, dig out translation, excavate, unearth - recover through digging; "Schliemann excavated Troy"; " excavate gold" dibble - make a hole with a wooden hand tool; "dibble the ground"

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    How Gold Gets Out Of The Ground

    May 18, 2009 Excavation is done with explosives and heavy machines - both of which For Barrick, gold cost $443/ounce to pull out of the ground in 2008.

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    Archaeology with metal detectors and digging machines

    Archaeology with metal detectors and digging machines. Prehistoric period ( until 1050 AD) /; The Late Iron Age /; Gudme - gold, gods and The first finds of treasure were made in the 1800s and they stood out at the time as being unusually splendid. In between each dig the surface of the ground was surveyed by metal

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    How do they locate gold? Physics Forums - The Fusion of Science

    I mean, do they use any machine to locate it There are several methods but for deep deposits you just guess and start digging. One of the guys told me that they could usually get enough gold out of the river to pay their You can also look for seams seismically or use ground penetrating radar, if all you

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    Exactly how much does it cost to produce an ounce of gold

    Mar 6, 2014 For many years, there was broad agreement that the gold industry's cost reporting that essentially added up the cost to dig gold out of the ground and sell it. . of years as they acquired new, more efficient mining equipment.

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    BC Placer - Excavation - Digging for Gold

    Placer mining can involve excavating from the surface or by underground mining. Excavation - digging - can be done by hand or with powered equipment.

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    Mining and mineral processing - Everything Maths and Science

    These deposits were large enough to make mining for the gold and very primitive and the main method used to extract ores was digging by hand. . South Africa's thin but extensive gold reefs slope at an angle underneath the ground, and this The zinc then takes the place of the gold, so that the gold is precipitated out

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    How to Find Meteorites, Gold & Other Precious Minerals with a

    What are the Best Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting? Mining Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine Product Review .. Gold is often pinpointed in the ground, sand, iron ore fields, rivers/streams and Gold prospecting metal detectors can be tuned to filter out most of the mineral interference.

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    Early Gold Mining Methods - Sierra Foothill Magazine

    As word leaked out in 1848 about gold in the Sierra Nevada foothills, early-day Another popular tool was the rocker or cradle, and indeed, this tool did vaguely

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    Gold Prospecting Equipment - Proven Gear for Finding Gold Nuggets

    The gold prospecting equipment on this page is highly recommended by us. it can have a difficult time operating smoothly in extremely mineralized ground. They are just the right size and shape for digging gravel out of the creek bed to fill

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    MotherLoad - A free Puzzle Game -

    Play MotherLoad - Use your digger to excavate as much ore as possible.

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    Stream Channel Protection Program: Recreational Mining Permits

    Many people enjoy the challenge of searching for gold in Idaho's streams and rivers The alteration of stream channels by using recreational mining equipment in a Act. Recreational mining equipment can be any implement that is used to dig, water out of the stream/river, such as when using high banker equipment,

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    Ask the Experts: AIA Archaeology FAQ - Archaeological Institute

    Why do archaeologists have to dig to find sites and artifacts? . archaeologists sometimes use heavy equipment like bulldozers and back hoes, but only to It is very tempting to dig objects out of the ground right away, or to dig holes around

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    Gold Rush Mining Lexicon Gold Rush Alaska Gold Rush Discovery

    Apr 11, 2012 Holes - Picking a place to start digging for gold means finding out where old river In typical alluvial gold mining, it can also refers to the eroded out depression A wash plant is a series of machines — the equivalent of a factory assembly underneath, and thus is carried further from the mining ground.

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    How to Pan for Gold: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

    Step 1: Equipment Needed for Gold Paning. Equipment Needed It is used for sucking up little bits of gold out of your pan. More on that . Once you've found a likely spot to dig your "pay dirt", go ahead and start digging. This photo .. They boomed up and quickly died out as rumors of new richer ground came up. The East

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    How to Detect Gold in the Ground eBay

    This drowns out other noise and enables you to hear the sounds the detector makes when Once the detector indicates gold, begin digging in the area. Begin by purchasing the right equipment and finding the right area to start your search.

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    A Forecast of When We'll Run Out of Each Metal - Visual

    Sep 4, 2014 This infographic forecasts when we'll run out of each metal and exactly the There is already 4x more gold mined and residing above ground than there is . Michael is a bit unhappy with me for "digging down" to learn the true makeup, . commodity money machines (?), Brazilian BRI, uranium and coal.

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    Placer gold mining streams, rivers, gold panning, sluice boxes and. glaciers, tidal waves and a lot of earth movement which eroded mountains and ground down the by miners usually by diverting rivers and digging down to the heavy layer. are somewhat spread out and do gather in depressions, cracks and crevices.